1.Why didn’t the Germans push a offensive against the Canadians when they were about to capture the ridge?

2.Was the battle of Vimy Ridge part of the battle of Arras?

3.Was it true that you could hear the artillery fire all the way from England?

4.How far did the Canadian trenches travel?


10 things ill do on my blog

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Vimy Ridge Heaven to Hell

In this video researchers and archaeologists uncover the secrets of Vimy Ridge. They find things like, trenches dugout by Canadians, Artillery shells buried almost 30 feet underground and even a helmet that was buried in a dead soldiers grave. This is probably one of the most interesting videos on Vimy Ridge. If you can find a better video out there about Vimy Ridge, then comment on this blog post or on my twitter @Vimy_Ridge_WW1. Thank you for listening.

Vimy Ridge Article

I have just found this really interesting article about Vimy Ridge . It’s all about the battle of Vimy, and it’s by the History Channel, and they’re pretty accurate.



Summary: This article talks about the battle of Vimy Ridge in lots of detail; it describes the Canadian tactics during the battle. It starts out talking about the day that the Canadians started their assault and strategy. It mainly focuses on the way the battle panned out for the Canadians. The article ended with the amount of casualties totaled on both sides after the battle. If you want to learn more about the battle of Vimy Ridge, check out my twitter @Vimy_Ridge_WW1. I post daily facts about Vimy.


Why it’s good: I think the reason this article attracted me, was because of the fact that it was by the History channel. I’ve been watching the History Channel since I was seven, and they have always had relevant information. I have never trusted a website that doesn’t look like the people who created it have done their research. That’s why I chose the History channel article, because the people who work there have done research.



My thoughts: I have mixed feelings about this article. It does give a lot of information about the battle; it describes it as well as possible. Although, it doesn’t give a lot of information about the Germans and what they did wrong or what they could have done to stop the attack from being successful or even how they could have stopped the attack altogether.


You’re thought: I would really appreciate it if you could leave a comment saying what you thought about the article

My first blog post on Vimy Ridge!

Hi, I’m a Gr.7 student doing a project on the battle of Vimy Ridge. I decided to do this topic because I have always been fascinated by WW1. And this was a huge Canadian victory, which was probably my main reason for doing this topic. Another reason was because of my Great Grandfather. He fought in the battle and was wounded (he got shot in the knee). The last reason was the fact that this battle made Canada noticed for the first time in the Great War. If you want to learn more about Vimy Ridge you can follow me on twitter @Vimy_Ridge_WW1.